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Perfect NFL Picks that help you in winning

2015 NFL Picks Against the Spread   From Expert Handicappers - Weekly Predictions from Vegas Sports Handicappers

8-5-2015 -- Our Expert Picks and predictions have made our clients more money then they have ever dream of and now it's time to start the year off on a high note with the start of the NFL Season. Our Las Vegas handicapping experts have the skills needed and have proven their winning record over and over again. Now it's your turn to see what allof the hype is about.

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2014 March Madness Predictions

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NFL Picks 2013

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2014 NFL Picks From Vegas Sports Cappers - Winning Picks and Draft Overivew

We are approaching the last few weeks of signings and negotiating between the agents and the owners of the teams. From here training camp starts and before you know it pre-season action is up and running. The biggest obstacle that many cappers are having is getting their scouts out there to see which players are looking good and which players are cold. Sometimes linebackers and the rest of the team "gel" and other times players can not play well together and that throws the entire team off.

Scouting in the off-season is a crucial part of making profits during the regular season. Our predictions against the spread are delivered to you via email, text message, or via phone. Depending on the time we receive our informational plays will depend on the delivey method to you. If you need to place a wager at the Las Vegas, Nevada sportsbook right before kickoff then we may have to send you a text message or phone call with the service play.

10-03-2015 11:00 pm
252Miami Dolphins+2½ (-105)-105
251New York Jets-2½ (-115)-115
264Washington Redskins+3.0 (-105)-105
263Philadelphia Eagles-3.0 (-115)-115
260Buffalo Bills-6.0 (-115)-115
259New York Giants+6.0 (-105)-105
262Chicago Bears+3½ (-115)-115
261Oakland Raiders-3½ (-105)-105
254Indianapolis Colts-4.0 (-125)-125
253Jacksonville Jaguars+4.0 (+105)+105
256Atlanta Falcons-4½ (-115)-115
255Houston Texans+4½ (-105)-105
266Cincinnati Bengals-4.0 (-105)-105
265Kansas City Chiefs+4.0 (-115)-115
258Tampa Bay Buccaneers+3½ (-105)-105
257Carolina Panthers-3½ (-115)-115
268San Diego Chargers-5½ (-110)-110
267Cleveland Browns+5½ (-110)-110
270San Francisco 49ers+9.0 (-105)-105
269Green Bay Packers-9.0 (-115)-115
272Denver Broncos-7.0 (-110)-110
271Minnesota Vikings+7.0 (-110)-110
274Arizona Cardinals-8.0 (-105)-105
273St. Louis Rams+8.0 (-115)-115
276New Orleans Saints-3.0 (-110)-110
275Dallas Cowboys+3.0 (-110)-110

10-04-2015 11:00 pm
278Seattle Seahawks-10.0 (-110)-110
277Detroit Lions+10.0 (-110)-110

10-10-2015 11:00 pm
466Cincinnati Bengals
465Seattle Seahawks
464Green Bay Packers-9.0 (-115)-115
463St. Louis Rams+9.0 (-105)-105
462Philadelphia Eagles-5.0 (-105)-105
461New Orleans Saints+5.0 (-115)-115
460Kansas City Chiefs
459Chicago Bears
458Atlanta Falcons-8.0 (-105)-105
457Washington Redskins+8.0 (-115)-115
456Baltimore Ravens-7.0 (EVEN)EVEN
455Cleveland Browns+7.0 (-120)-120
454Tennessee Titans+3.0 (-115)-115
453Buffalo Bills-3.0 (-105)-105
452Tampa Bay Buccaneers-3.0 (-110)-110
451Jacksonville Jaguars+3.0 (-110)-110
468Detroit Lions
467Arizona Cardinals
470Dallas Cowboys+9.0 (-105)-105
469New England Patriots-9.0 (-115)-115
472Oakland Raiders+6.0 (-115)-115
471Denver Broncos-6.0 (-105)-105
474New York Giants-7.0 (-105)-105
473San Francisco 49ers+7.0 (-115)-115

10-11-2015 11:00 pm
476San Diego Chargers-3.0 (-120)-120
475Pittsburgh Steelers+3.0 (EVEN)EVEN

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